Created Mar 06, 2009


Challenge intellectual laziness more

We the people is the core of my political ideology. I believe that our system of government should ensure that each of us has the means to pursue a meaningful and self-sufficient life. I also believe that each of us has the obligation, to each other, to apply our skills to sustain and improve the greatest nation on earth. I seek minimal (only necessary) government but recognize that government can play a very useful role in catching those in temporary misfortune and helping them regain the dignity of self-sufficiency. But in all cases, government is a third party regulator (referee) and leader. Execution should always be in the private sector, in a free market subject to macro (guiding) regulation.

I also believe (hope) that we the people will deemphasize labels and stereotypes and start respectfully listening to the opposing point of view. The other side cannot ALWAYS be wrong and we may just improve the quality of our opinions through an honest and civil exchange of ideas.